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International Projects & Cooperation - Montenegro Adventures is dedicated to responsible travel - our long-term goal is to boost employment and increase tourism sector income by promoting cultural heritage, natural beauties, outdoor activities and local enterprises. This is achieved through increased public awareness and involvement of local businesses and communities in creating plans and strategies for developing the area they live and work in. We firmly believe that local tour operators and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are extremely important hubs – as the nature of their work is such that they work both with international partners and local suppliers. They are keenly invested in elevating quality standards throughout the supply chain to effectively compete on the global stage. 

2023-2024 – EuroCluster Rural Tourism Project – ongoing project

Montenegro Adventures plans to support ten rural households by including their products in the agency portfolio during the project. We have devised a marketing strategy for launching our new website, recognising the necessity of supporting each new product with dedicated social media campaigns and leveraging our B2B network.

Our approach involves identifying and integrating ten new tourism providers, specifically focusing on rural tourism, into our offerings. Following the launch of each new product, we intend to initiate small-scale visibility campaigns through this project. Additionally, we aim to promote these rural tourism experiences as standalone offerings, anticipating their significant contribution to our portfolio of day and multi-day tours and packages. While some of the new rural tourism providers will be incorporated into existing packages, our primary objective is to substantially diversify our offerings and promote the latest products to different EU and even long-haul markets.

2023-2024 – The Glimpse of the Balkans Project – USAID EDGE – ongoing project

The Glimpse of the Balkans initiative aims to strengthen collaboration among three inbound tour operators and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Through joint activities and training sessions, the project focuses on enhancing the capabilities of staff employed by participating tour operators and over 75 suppliers across four countries. Thematic regional tours, emphasising ecotourism, rural tourism, and soft adventures, are selected to facilitate closer cooperation, capacity building, and identification of existing gaps and needs along the value chain. In response to the post-pandemic landscape, characterised by a surge in individual, family, or small group travel and a growing emphasis on personal health and sustainable tourism, the project recognises the challenges small tour operators face in managing regional tours for small groups and the importance of cross-border support. All consortium partners are licensed businesses with expertise in project implementation and are aware of the significance of digitalisation and skill enhancement in inventory management, forecasting, and workforce development. The project’s activities are meticulously crafted to support partners in new product development, training, capacity building for suppliers and their employees, standardisation, digitalisation, and product promotion through business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) channels.

The project The Glimpse of the Balkans is supported by USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth (EDGE) and implemented by Robinson Adventure Team (Serbia), Sarajevo Insider (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Montenegro Adventures.


Developing new products and services is the key to sustainability, as is the marketing and promotion of the offer according to target customers’ needs. Digital tools and technologies can help SMEs in this endeavour; Montenegro Adventures was interested in cooperation with one of the IT companies and was selected for Voucher One as the only participant from Montenegro. Montenegro Adventures successfully implemented activities related to marketing and promotion of the new tourism offer before and after the exhibiting at WTM London, trying to create a more noticeable presence on social networks.

DigiTour Project brings together SMEs from the tourism sector with providers of innovative, digital, and smart solutions and new technologies. Through open calls and facilitation services, DIGITOUR PROJECT boosts the tourism sector in Europe through digital tools and innovation. It was funded through the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), entrusted by the European Commission, under the COSME Programme COS-TOURINN-2020-3-04.


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