Vision & Mission

Montenegro Adventures promotes responsible travel - we share a passion for travels with due respect for the Earth and its peoples. That is why we are interested in local traditions, cultures, cuisine, lifestyles - anything that contributes to the unique identity of a destination. Our main focus is on visitors to our country - we are experts in the destinations we present; but we apply all of these rules in our overseas department as well.


Montenegro Adventures is one of the leaders in tourism in Montenegro: a lasting tourism destination with growing investments in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.  


Montenegro Adventures is dedicated to

  • employing and training staff who care about customers and are passionate about quality and success;
  • meeting and exceeding our customer needs and value-for-money offers through outstanding and personalized service;
  • constant improvement of our services based on customer feedback and evaluation of their needs;
  • becoming the leading agency for incoming tourism in Montenegro, by creating new products and improved services by following new trends and innovations - always in line with the needs of our customers.