Montenegro Cuisine - smoked ham (prsuta) and cheese from Njegusi village

Traditional and inspired, Montenegrin cuisine recalls a long history of culinary influences. From the distinct flavours of Central Europe and Byzantium, to the classical tastes of the Mediterranean Sea - this cuisine is a lively fusion of exotic flavours.

Experience the diverse tastes of the regions! Whether dining on sumptuous seafood at the Adriatic coast, freshwater fish on Lake Skadar, or hearty meals in highland pastures - no matter where you dine in Montenegro, the occasion will be extraordinary.

Experience harmony with nature! In Montenegro fruit grows wild in the surrounds; herbs are harvested by hand; meat is natural; cheese is homemade; and the wine is the product of idyllic sunny vineyards.

Over the centuries this traditional cuisine has naturally evolved. Today, Montenegrin cuisine is the pride of generations.

Historical Tastes

Hitorical Tastes - pita (gibanica)

Throughout history the Turks, Venetians and the Austro-Hungarians all exercised control in the region leaving their mark on the food.  Recipes traced to Turkey, Byzantium and Islam are numerous: sarma, moussaka, pita, burek, kebab, baklava, and chevapi. Italian influence is seen in the varieties of bread, cheese, soup, pasta, polenta and wine. Austro-Hungarian dishes, goulash, satarash, and djuvech, join the eclectic list. A culture of diverse peoples, Montenegro is fascinating for its complex history of merging civilizations. The food of this region testifies to this complicated yet fascinating past.

Regional Tastes: Coastal, Lake and Mountain Cuisines

Montenegro's geographic variations are the reason for the wide range of culinary differences. A small country, Montenegro has an unusually diverse cuisine. This diversity is sampled in the distinctive cuisines of the coastal, lake and mountainous regions.

During your visit to Montenegro you will be delighted by the fascinating foods prepared by your welcoming hosts. As you walk along the promenade of the Adriatic Sea, explore the attractive marshland of Skadar, or hike around the north, you will be remembering your most recent meal and savouring the next. You will be thinking about the fascinating history of an ancient land and considering all the health benefits of an unspoilt landscape. Each moment will inspire yet another more hospitable meal of the most natural of foods imaginable.

Welcome to Montenegro......A Traditional way of Life!