Travel by Car - or Rent-a-Car in Montenegro!

If you are arriving by car...

The best way to get to know a country is if you visit it by car. You can reach Montenegro via one of the border crossings with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. If you are interested in transfers or car rentals please take a look at our Transportation Section on the website.

The road network totals 5,174 km. The two major roads in Montenegro are the Adriatic Motorway from Croatia to Herceg Novi and then to Ulcinj and the motorway that links the South and the North, from Petrovac, through Podgorica and Kolasin to Bijelo Polje and Serbia.

Distance Map of Montenegro

Traffic Regulations

On the territory of Montenegro the following are compulsory:

  • use of dimmed lights
  • use of seatbelts
  • use of motorcycle helmets for motorbikes riders and pillion passengers
  • use of fog lights is allowed when visibility is less  than 100 metres
  • adjustment of speed to conditions on the road
  • use of hand-held mobile phones while driving is not permitted.

Border Crossings:

With Croatia: Debeli brijeg, Kobila.
With Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sitnica, Vracenovici, Scepan polje, Metaljka, Ilino brdo, Krstac, Nudo, Sula.
With Serbia: Rance, Cemerno, Dobrakovo, Kula, Drazenovac, Vuce.
With Albania: Bozaj, Sukobin, Grncar.

Road Assistance and Information: 

AMSCG (Automobile Association of Montenegro)
In Montenegro the Automobile Association of Montenegro provides services 24 hours a day. There are AMSCG technical centres in all larger towns and motorists in trouble should dial the phone number 9807 (you should dial +382 if you are from abroad). The AMSCG (Automobile Association of Montenegro) offers: help on roads, car repair on the spot, transport of broken-down cars, abandoned cars or cars damaged in car accidents, car service in all bigger towns and information concerning road conditions.

For help on roads call 9807
Tel: +382  9807; + 382 20 234 999