By Boat - Montenegro Yacht or Boat Charters!

If you are arriving by boat...

The coast of the Adriatic Sea makes Montenegro accessible for arrivals by boats, yachts, ferries, cruisers...There are a few companies that maintain a regular ferry connection between Montenegro and Italy. Ships operate on lines between Bar-Bari and Bar-Ancona and Kotor-Bari. During the summer months the frequency of lines is increased. There are also several marinas along the Montenegrin coast and it is expected that in the immediate future Montenegro will develop nautical tourism.

Ports and Harbours:

The Port of Bar  is the biggest port in Montenegro. The capacity depends on the type and length of boats, 14 to 20 boats can be served at one time.   

Kotor Harbour
 consists of Kotor Bay with the operative coast of 216 m in length and 3 to 12.8 m in depth, Lipici Terminal with a 75 metre-long operative coast and the small harbour of Bigovo, which is located on the open sea.

The Zelenika Harbour
has 270 m of operative coast length and is 92 m in depth. The main activities of the Zelenika terminal are selling and warehousing.