Background Information

The idea of establishing Montenegro Adventures came from one of the projects developed by CSTI (Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives). The project which was initially called Montenegro Mountain Adventures and was aimed at promoting northern Montenegro as a perfect place for activity holidays in unspoiled nature, led among other things to the creation of the initial website of the same name, a variety of investigations and activities in communities in the north. The project was constantly expanded and as there was a clear need to service independent and small-group travellers - a gap that was clearly defined - it eventually led to the creation of a commercially registered subsidiary entity - Montenegro Adventures.

Montenegro Adventures travel agency is owned by the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives. Although Montenegro Adventures and CSTI are two distinct organizations (CSTI is an NGO focused on developing projects which embody the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, while Montenegro Adventures is a for-profit tourism agency offering products and services) - the two organizations share the same ideals and often collaborate on different projects, sharing the same knowledge base and resources. Both organizations are implementing sustainable and responsible travel practices, leading to an improvement in the quality of life in communities throughout Montenegro, preserving the cultural heritage with due care for the environment.