​​Core Values & Policy

Montenegro Adventures is more than just a travel company – we are a social enterprise committed to pioneering community tourism since our inception. What does this mean for you? It means that our tours are designed to showcase the beauty of our destinations and directly benefit the local communities we visit and small businesses we work with.

From day one, we’ve recognised the transformative power of travel in uplifting marginalised or undervalued groups such as local communities, women, and youth. Our tours contribute to their economic and social development by fostering meaningful relationships with these communities.

Our commitment to community tourism extends beyond the destinations we visit. It encompasses our employees, supplier and agent partners, small business owners, customers, social followers, and travellers like you. Together, we’re part of something bigger, creating positive currents extending beyond our tour itineraries.

Join us in exploring the Western Balkans while making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Experience the magic of travel with Montenegro Adventures, where every journey involves empowerment and connection.

The core values we hold to are transparency, flexibility, creativity and respect for diversity. We utilise a client-oriented, proactive approach, continually learning as we interact with our customers and partners.

Our employees and suppliers are the most valued asset of the organisation. They share the responsibility for fulfilling our mission.

Thus, our HR policies and practices are built upon:

  • Enabling every employee to reach his/her full potential in both performance and professional development
  • Commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and fair treatment
  • Promotion from within the organisation, based on merit
  • Employee involvement, open communication, teamwork and cooperation.


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