About Montenegro

The official name: Crna Gora / Montenegro
Flag: zastava
Political status: Republic (parliamentary representative democratic republic)
Location: At the Adriatic Coast, in south-east Europe, the Western Balkans
Neighbouring countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and Italy
Size: 13.812 km²
Length of borders: 614 km
  • 620.145 inhabitants (according to census from 2003; official results from 2023 census are yet to be published)
  • Montenegrins - 43.16 %
  • Serbs - 31.99 %
  • Bosniaks - 7.77 %
  • Albanians - 5.03 %
  • Muslims - 3.97 %
  • Croats - 1.10 %
  • Others - 6.98 %
Capital: Podgorica (approx. 170.000 inhabitants; administrative and economic centre).
Historical capital: Cetinje (18.500 inhabitants, historical and cultural centre)
Other major cities: Niksic (75.000), Bijelo Polje (50.000), Bar (40.000), Berane (35.000), Pljevlja (35.000), Herceg Novi (33.000)
Religion: Most of the population is Christian Orthodox, with a significant Muslim minority and a notable Roman Catholic presence in some parts of the country.
Language: Montenegrin is the official language, although Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian are also recognised languages in official use. Both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are in use.
Foreign languages: English, German, Russian, French and Italian are the most common foreign languages spoken at the tourist resorts.
Length of coast: 293 km
Length of beaches: 73 km
The highest peak: Bobotov kuk (2.523 m) - Mt Durmitor
The largest lake: Lake Skadar - 391 km²
The deepest canyon: The Tara Canyon - 1.300 m
The largest bay: Boka Kotorska
National parks:
  • Durmitor (39.000 ha)
  • Lake Skadar (40.000 ha)
  • Lovcen (6.400 ha)
  • Biogradska Gora (5.400 ha)
  • Prokletije (16.600 ha)
UNESCO heritage sites:
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor
Currency: Euro (EUR, €)
Time: Central European Time - UTC+1
International telephone code: + 382
Internet country code: .me
Electrical outlets: Montenegro uses the Type F plug with two round prongs and 220-volt AC. Sockets are round two-pin.

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