EMCA 2017 - About Montenegro - Budva

EMCA 2017 - About Montenegro - Budva

Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in Europe, one of the ex-Yugoslavia republics. It is in the middle Mediterranean area of south-east Europe, and borders Croatia and Bosnia to the west, Serbia and Kosovo to the north, Albania to the east and the Adriatic Sea (Italy) to the south. In spite of its size, Montenegro has a long and immensely rich history and a big natural diversity. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to civilization through the ages.



The town of Budva is the most visited tourist destination in Montenegro. With its excellent sandy beaches, multitude of hotels, and scenic walled Old Town, a choice of good restaurants, is still single most important summer resort in Montenegro. 

Budva is also one of the oldest cities in the coastal region of Montenegro. According to the written sources it was founded as Greek colony (Buthoa), already in 4th century BC. 

Out of season, Budva is a quiet town, with pleasant atmosphere, providing a perfect setting for organization of corporate events. 

Becici, once upon a time fishermen village, is nowdays one of the suburbs of Budva, our hotel is situated at the Becici beach, 5 minutes drive from the Old Town of Budva.